Observing Log for Mike Durkin

1/20/2018 about 8:30PM-10:00PM
Locust Valley, NY
Transparency: 6/10, Seeing 4/5
Temperature: about 30-40 degrees
Equipment: 70mm Stellarvue refractor

Measured variable star T And.
After that chatted a little bit with the neighbor about variable stars and other astronomical topics.
After that took a quick look at M42 and M43. Using the 17mm eyepiece with the 2x barlow seemed like a good combination.
After that I also tried to measure V Eri. Between the bit of thin clouds in the air and the cold which was affecting my hands, I didn't get to pin down a good magnitude number and I ended for the night.

1/15/2018 about 8:00PM-9:30PM
Locust Valley, NY
Transparency: 9/10, Seeing 3/5
Temperature: about 15-25 degrees
Equipment: 10x50 binoculars

After a couple of tough weeks at work, it was good to finally get out and observe, even though it was very cold.
Visually measured variable stars Mira, U Ari, RZ Ari, α Ori and W Ori.
The extreme cold seemed to affect my cellphone battery. I did go inside to recharge the phone for about 15-20 minutes.

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