Observing Log for Mike Durkin

9/15/2019 8:000PM-8:30PM
Locust Valley, NY
Transparency: 4/10, Seeing 2/5
Temperature: about 70-80 degrees
Equipment: 16 inch Meade Lightbridge

Wanted to play around with the big Dob since it has been a while. I set it up originally shortly before sunset to let it cool down and also tried to collimate with a CHeshire eyepiece. Once it god dark, the sky was pretty cloudy.
First looked at JUpiter and thought the planet looked very soft and the moons did not seem to be a nice circle or disk. After that I troed to collimate with the laser collimator and then the image seemed to be significantly better.
No Great Red Spot on Jupiter, and all 4 moons were visible on one side. Also looked at Saturn, which was a bit low to the horizon, however the shadow of the sphere on the rings was visible.
The seeing for the 2 planets was not too good.
I also tried to see the double-double in Lyra but the clouds kept getting in the way, so I packed it in.
Later on during the night, say around 10-11PM, the clouds were mostly gone, but the sky still did not seem to be too clear.

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